Fun and Adrenaline Things To Do in Jomblang Cave

Jomblang cave was formed due to the collapse of plants on it thousands of years ago to the bottom of the earth. Because of this it forms a sinkhole as deep as 60 meters. In Javanese it is also called luweng, so in this area it is known as luweng jomblang. Luweng Jomblang is located in Gunungkidul regency, which is one of the cities in Yogyakarta. To reach this place from Yogyakarta city takes one hour and forty five minutes by car. It is absolutely with normal speed or safe drive.

I will tell a story base my true experience about this cave.

We start the trip from the hotel near Adisucipto airport to go to Jomblang cave around 06.30AM because that day is peak season. Then we enjoyed our trip to Jomblang cave, on their way to ask questions about Jomblang Cave. I only answered my knowledge because I had never been there before. They offered me to follow their journey to Jomblang Goa. Without further ado, I answered yes, I will follow you to go down the Jomblang cave, but I honestly say that the price of the ticket is a lot for local and foreign tourists, and they answer that it will not be a problem.

Then we arrived at Jomblang cave around 08.15AM, and the three of us came to the place to register. We pay for admission tickets at Jomblang cave. After we paid the officer at Jomblang cave gave a queue number. To go down the Jomblang cave the committee will call according to the number sequence. After that you can choose your safety boots, because of the muddy under the ground.

When my guest and I are going down the vertical cave, my guest and I are required to wear helmed safety, because for safety reasons from the organizing committee in Jomblang cave. Don’t forget to bring a shower cap because the safety helmed smells bad. After wearing a safety helmet, get ready to wear the harness. Because this is a security standard for going down the Jomblang cave vertically. After you arrive at the Jomblang cave grounds, you will walk downwards which connects Jomblang Cave with Luweng Grubug. Jomblang Cave is very beautiful and very interesting. You will walk the cave for 15 minutes to get to the place to see the cahay which is better known as the heavenly light.


The admission ticket price of this activity is 500K. 

That is all about the Jomblang cave as know as I known base my true experience. 

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